Understanding youtube as a popular culture professional and amateur productions

Continuation of revival after early closure of The Grand Duke. Savoy Theatre 27 March Second Savoy repertory season; played with five other operas. Closing date shown is of the entire season. Analysis and reception[ edit ] Themes of death[ edit ] Ko-Ko reveals that when a man is beheaded, his wife is buried alive:

Understanding youtube as a popular culture professional and amateur productions

Recent work on girls' culture such as that undertaken by Banet-Weiser leads one to contemplate what role feminist scholarship itself might play in girls' vernacular media production.

In part, the difficulty here is the disconnect between academic scholarship and the producers of these vernacular productions; to what extent, if any, does the former attract the attention of the latter?

It is common for scholars to argue for the development of critical media literacy among young media users Jenkins et al. Yet, efforts to influence the politics of girls' media culture may introduce another layer of complication, with scholarly analysis leading to the indirect institutionalizing of amateur content.

Nonetheless, academic criticism has an important role to play in attending to vernacular creative productions within new media culture and in posing questions about its structures and politics. In terms of responses to Ophelia, the shaping influence of Shakespeare criticism and feminist theory may already be in evidence since, through teaching, these shape the wider reception of the plays.

Feminist critics have attempted to envisage what Carol Rutter describes as a less "masculinist Hamlet" Rutter27undertaking revisionist approaches to the play or contemplating adaptations that seek to destabilize the representation of Ophelia. Such critical interventions contrast with earlier feminist criticism of Shakespeare that feared it could do little more than map its own exclusion from the dramas as fashioned by the "Patriarchal Bard" McLuskie If we are to extend the parameters of Ophelia beyond those figurations inherited from the play and Ophelia discourse, a more iconoclastic approach to Shakespeare is necessary.

Remix Culture and Amateur Creativity: A Copyright Dilemma

Edits's Hamlet — The Death of Ophelia — Director's Cut uploaded 15 December1, views offers one example of what an iconoclastic, irreverent response to Ophelia might look like. The opening title sequences, which parody the MGM icon and score it to the title music for 20th Century Fox, set the tone for this comic portrayal of the iconic death scene, here depicted using a wooden doll on a perilous journey across a bathtub.

The addition of canned laughter, as well as the track "The End" by The Doors, lends bathos to the scene. That the video leaves us wondering whether this doll-Ophelia jumps or falls is, I think, part of its point, which is to sendup naturalistic dramatizations and the kind of false identification with Ophelia that they can elicit.

Other videos similarly turn to parody and the absurd: Part Three uploaded 20 May20 viewswhich acts out the play using dolls, the Ophelia figure comes to her watery end in a food blender. Originating as high-school assignments, these videos reflect the perspective of those encountering Shakespeare for the first time.

In moving into the absurd, these videos offer a potentially new Ophelia for girls to pursue and re-script for themselves, one that does not revolve around issues about body image and regulation, or that keeps Ophelia within such a gendered semiotic space.

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The productive possibilities of subverting the iconicity of the death-like Ophelia are further suggested in Rebecca Mellor's Ophelia — RM10 uploaded 26 Julyviews.YouTube has become one of the largest websites on the Internet.

Among its many genres, both professional and amateur science communicators compete for audience attention. The Mikado remains the most frequently performed Savoy Opera, and it is especially popular with amateur and school productions. The work has been translated into numerous languages and is one of the most frequently played musical theatre pieces in history.

The Impact of YouTube on Popular Culture. February 8, By AmericanShinobi it is clear that media has a huge role in reflecting and shaping pop culture. YouTube, a popular video hosting.

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Unlike professional production and many other forms of amateur media production, transformative fan production is non–commercial, and centered on appropriating, commenting on, and celebrating commercial popular culture.

Such practices prevent other people from learning about, or understanding, Native America. Such “play” masks low per-capita incomes, high unemployment, poor health, and other realities. and amateur and professional athletic leagues and franchises.

The Construction of the Indian in American Popular Culture, ed.

Understanding youtube as a popular culture professional and amateur productions

S. Elizabeth Bird. YouTube videos (N = 2,) were collected in 3 different categories: most viewed, top rated, and random, with additional comparisons between amateur and professional content.

Frequencies of violent acts and the context of violence (e.g., characteristics of perpetrator and victim, justification, consequences) were compared both between these.

Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation