The quality of care essay

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The quality of care essay

Hire Writer Accurate financial information provides clear statement to investors in evaluating the business financial performance. It will give them an easy way to determine accurate amount needed to finance the project completely. The investors and the contributors of the business rely on the accurate financial information for the safety and profitability of their investments Way,n.

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In the plan of starting a new business, she has to lay down the statements of finances for the budget needed like indentifying all income and expenses for the entire organization. She has to establish the time and period the budget will last and the capital required.

By coming up with all this accurate financial information of Tiny toes ltd, she will able to access information on the past performance and the capital they have in hand.

This will help to switch to another alternative incase a problem emerges in planning a new project. Consequently accurate financial information will help the banks and lenders to know if her business will be able to pay for the loan borrowed to avoid misfortunes in future Way,n.

Apart from that, it will prevent the banks and lenders from stopping their support on her business through loans.

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Balance sheet is also part of financial information. Sandra needs to generate a balance sheet that will assess her business annually. The balance sheet will help determine the financial health of Tiny toes ltd. It will also help her have information on the productivity of the business and amount of capital that is retained.

However, it will provide information on the flow of the business in terms of how fast or slow the assets are and how to convert them into capital.

Tiny toes will be able to determine financial state they are in a specific time. The benefits of Tiny toes having accurate cash flow in beginning a new nursery in GuildfordBusiness plans and cash flow also plays a big role on the progress of a business.

The business plan will help in the application of loans and even borrow money from other lenders Wasserman,p. Lack of business plan in her business may lead to the downfall of Tiny toes ltd.

By the business plan ahead, she will be able to identify the goals and objectives needed for the company to achieve its dream. However it will also help her determine the services needed to deliver in her project in Guildford. Provision of business plan for Tiny toes ltd will help to display the performance of her business and the goals ahead to start a new nursery and childcare centre.

Another big role that the business plan plays is it reorganizes the business by making operational changes like reduction of expenses Wasserman, n. Nevertheless, it helps in the equity financing whereby banks and lenders are able to evaluate her business ability to take more loans if in need.

As to cash flow, Sandra needs it to track and know the exchange of cash between Tiny toes and outside the business. The cash flow need to be done according to weekly and monthly basis to help monitor the flow of expenses and revenue. The cash flow is also important since it provides information on certain activities to notify Sandra so that she can know the impending danger in the business.

In order to come up with accurate cash flow she should include aspects like cash receipts.

The quality of care essay

However disbursement need to be included in the cash flow to provide information such as payroll expenses, supplies, maintenance, accounting and rent. All this details in the cash flow will help in calculating how much the company is making and if the profit incurred will help fund her new projects.

Cash flow also helps in determining the changes in income and the balance sheet. The investment cash flow will help determine changes on the long-term investment on the new nursery and childcare centre. It will also enable determine the rent needed in Guilford.

Financial cash flow brings changes on stock needed and the payments needed for the interests of the shareholder. The operating cash on the other hand will enable Sandra view the records on the budget needed for starting a new business.

All this shows how cash flow is very important in a business. It acts as a warning by identifying shortfalls in cash balances. It also helps in preparing budgets and helps sport payments problems by parents in the tiny toes business.

If it is initiated in Tiny toes, Sandra will be able to know how her business generates profits and spends capital.Improving Quality and Value in the U.S.

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Quality child care essay.

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Introduction. With growing concern about hospital care quality and attention to the need for improvement of care, quality improvement (QI) has become an administrative mandate in U.S.


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