Nightly business report october 4 2010 cars

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Nightly business report october 4 2010 cars

But that might be changing and the Volvo XC90 might not be so safe after all. A local Volvo XC90 owner has seen mice in their car firsthand.

nightly business report october 4 2010 cars

Not only is the problem dangerous from a driving perspective, but it also becomes a serious health issue. And believe me, all of my friends and colleagues will know too.

Other Volvo owners feel the same way and are very upset at how the dealers and Volvo are handling the issue. Glove Box Evidence On numerous occasions, the presence of mice were found in glove boxes, front seats, third seats, heat air duct work and other nightly business report october 4 2010 cars places.

Guess the picture needs to go to the dealer. Service managers are quick to exhibit their dismay and general lack of knowledge that such a problem clearly exists. Volvo definitely has some explaining to do. Mice have figured a way to quickly get to the inside of Volvo cars and SUVs and the manufacturer must know how this can happen.

The reason for the post is to share information with others so that they can also work with their dealers to rectify the problem. Below are a number of extracts of other Volvo owners who have experienced similar problems with mice getting inside their beloved Volvo.

Volvo beware — if this issue is not fixed, those soccer moms who feel that Volvo makes the safest SUV on the market will quickly change their mind when they see mouse droppings on their baby seat like one owner posted below. Volvo — figure out the problem and post the solution!

It is the Volvo xc not the owners…we have done everything to deter mice, traps, sealants, screens, extraordinary disinfecting, carpet shampooing, weekly vacuuming, no food near the vehicle etc. Volvo will not take responsibility and we or Volvo do not know where the mice enter…under the tire compartment in the back…the sad news is I will never buy another Volvo again as it clearly a great home for mice.

A couple days without and then they are back. We trapped them and they went — for a while.

nightly business report october 4 2010 cars

Car has been to VOLVO 4 or 5 times now and last time they valeted it and spent 7 hours checking it over, putting traps in, hosing it with water to look for holes, spraying sealant around cables entry to car, removing seats, carpets etc etc.

Dealer has been very helpful and sympathetic Despite this, this morning just 6days after I got my car back they are there again! Mice in our XC We presently leave baited traps in the car and 4 or 5 surrounding the car.

My wife loves this car but I know that we will never buy another one. Customer Service Volvo America and Dealership have somewhat tried but have not had any ideas that work. I would like to screen those back flaps that others have found but I cannot locate a service manual for this car to figure out where they are.

After hearing the success rate for this fix, may not be worth it. You may need to replace the rubber bungs on there. We thought they were gone until we found a new nest in the glove box last night. The first round with the mice involved the mice getting into a bag of dog food left in the car and spreading it in the vent system.

I could hardly stand the odor which is still lingering in my less than 1 year old car. They are now whittling away at my insulation and I want the critters out of my car. I, too, keep my AC on recirculation and will try screening the above mentioned access points.

Any other suggestions out there? There were only little rubber flaps on those ducts providing very easy access to the interior of the vehicle. My husband had found mouse poop at that entry point so we know that was one way they were getting in. Since we screened these 2 entry points, we are still getting mice in the car so there has to be another way that the mice are entering.

I am also keeping my ac on recirculation whenever the car is parked. We also called our Volvo dealership and they had never heard of this problem and offered no suggestion for correcting. If anybody else has any other ideas of where to check and screen, please post. You can install screens or put dryer sheets in the area to deter them.

Would you have additional information on how the mice are entering the vehicle? I have parked outside for nearly two years and this is the first time this has happened, but I had also left my car undriven for a couple weeks. The mice moved in to the cabin, started building a nest in the glove box using leaves from outside the car and even set up storage of extra leaves under the driver side mat.Funeral Mass 9 a.m.

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