Munchausen mystery

Last updated January 1, Fighting A Mystery Disease Many autoimmune ailments like lupus, scleroderma, and rheumatoid arthritis are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Where does that leave suffering women?

Munchausen mystery

Unfortunately, when the Munchausen mystery takes its sweet-ass time coming around, it's pretty easy to lose track of all the medicine they've been giving you, and before long you find yourself crushed under the weight of all those pills.


Continue Reading Below Advertisement Some of it was pretty routine, like vitamins to prevent malnutrition, steroids to help with my nausea, and, of course, good old medicinal marijuana.

Some of it was straight out of science-fiction, like IVIG treatments, which involve pumping other people's immunoglobulins straight into your veins like some kind of goddamned techno-vampire.

Sometimes it was a familiar friend doing something new, like Xanax and Ativan, both of which work surprisingly well for nausea but also caused me to freak out and pull a gun on an automatic air freshener not a joke.

I'm currently taking a low-dose antipsychotic that basically tricks my brain into not vomiting. I am hoping that my brain does not catch on.

I see how it is. You can get it only through a special experimental medicine exemption, because it is illegal as balls in the United States. After taking it, I can absolutely see why. It's supposed to do something to your digestive system, but all it did to me was turn me into an alternately sluggish and rampagingly maniacal zombie.

When I first started taking domperidone, I felt like I was moving through sand. The feeling got Munchausen mystery worse over the next few days until I eventually just passed out, and no one could wake me up. When I finally came out of my mini-coma, I didn't recognize anyone, but I had decided at some point during my drug-induced slumber that they were all evil.

I tried to fight my brother, cursed at my mother, and did a number of other insane things before they were able to calm me down. That's what they tell me, anyway. All I remember is that there were monsters and bats everywhere and I might have spoken to God. Needless to say, I didn't take any more domperidone after that.

Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement As bad as my reaction to that drug was, it wasn't quite as serious as what happened to me when I took methotrexate, which is basically a low-grade chemotherapy drug.

Munchausen mystery

The drug is probably fine when administered in the correct amount to cancer patients, but my nurse gave me eight times the recommended dose.

I legitimately thought I was going to die. It turns out that, far from being infallible logic machines, medical professionals make potentially catastrophic errors just, like, all the time.

Which brings me to my next point They don't have a magic 8-ball in their brain that they can shake up for a diagnosis -- they solve problems the same way everyone else does, which means comparing the evidence my symptoms, in this case to their own knowledge and experience. They also react the same way everyone else does when they can't come up with an answer -- they look for someone to blame.

For instance, many doctors, when faced with a patient experiencing a mysterious illness, automatically suspect some kind of shenanigans. One time, I was going under anesthesia for one of my fun-filled medical tests when one of the doctors, evidently thinking that I was already unconscious, said, "You know, I think this guy's just got Munchausen.

In fairness to the doctors, Munchausen Syndrome is a serious problembut in fairness to me, fuck that guy. I'd been throwing up every meal for years at that point, but because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, it was more comfortable to assume that I was lying than to accept the possibility that whatever was kicking my ass was something they just weren't thinking of.

Eventually, they all start running through the standard-issue mental health questionnaire that I assume every doctor keeps in the office in a glass box labeled "Break in Case of Mystery Illness. That said, with all these educated professionals giving me the side-eye, I really did start to wonder if I was crazy, and if the whole thing was just in my head.

So, I went to a psychologist. She asked me all the same questions, and I told her, "Look, lady, I love cheeseburgers.

I'm a fat kid in a sick man's body. I would punch everyone in this building for the chance to eat one without throwing up. I just think they aren't used to being stumped, so they shut down and start pointing fingers. These guys have egos, just like the rest of us. And, while they point fingers, there's no shortage of advice coming from other "helpful" people in your life It's nice to know that people care, but pretty much every piece of insight someone tossed my way was totally insane.Dikobraz Games uses a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

year-old Gypsy Rose Blanchard, an alleged victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, is serving a year sentence for second-degree murder for her role in the June stabbing death of her. In , Tom began having difficulty walking, his handwriting changed and a series of small strokes exacerbated the onset of dementia and erased any recollection of regular falls and missteps that left bruises and broken bones.

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He is the author of six novels: My Brother’s Keeper, Crossroads, In the Black, Somethin’ for Nothin’, Murder by Munchausen, and The Darknet (Murder by Munchausen Mystery #2).

Munchausen mystery

His writing spans various genres, including Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Black Comedy and TechnoThrillers. Fighting A Mystery Disease. Many autoimmune ailments like lupus, scleroderma, and rheumatoid arthritis are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

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