Investigating the cruise industry

Email There have been only MOBs in the last decade. But it does happen. After passengers and crew on a passing ship, the Disney Cruise Lines Magic, heard his cries for help, a lifeboat was deployed and the man was miraculously saved.

Investigating the cruise industry

What could be more inclusive than a community of people who all share a natural inclination to sample other cultures, taste other cuisines and learn more about the world in general? Or, so you would think. According to research by the Association of Women Travel Executives AWTEwhile 50 per cent to 78 per cent of employees in the travel industry are women, the numbers are reversed when it comes to board level executives.

Investigating the cruise industry

In the cruise industry 29 per cent of board members are women. With tour operators, it is just 20 per cent. For FTSE companies, There are numerous stories to tell here. There is clearly a discrepancy between both entry and mid-level management and the number of women progressing to senior levels in the same kind of numbers as their male counterparts.

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They are incredible business leaders. They have since gone from strength to strength and are now expanding into Ireland and beyond. The atmosphere in boardrooms was completely different. We have people who are away on maternity leave now, but we keep them as involved as they want to be.

People at home need to be there, too. Shared Parental Leave was introduced to the UK in April ; however, just fraction of men opt in to the scheme. I would say 40 per cent of boards should be filled by women.

Not forever, but at least to get that representation up. Company boards must represent customer bases and wider society.

There should be at least one woman on every company board — but it has to be the right person.


I am turning towards positive discrimination. We have a real issue — as an industry we are trying to get people to go out and explore other cultures. Backed by chairman Richard Fain, Royal Caribbean Cruises has taken on people whose sole job is to look at diversity and inclusion, from recruitment through to employment and benefits policies.

Now we need to see what we can do, as a great employer.This task requires you to produce 3 tables that clearly indicate the environmetal, social/cultural and economic impacts that the forever growing cruise industry has on destinations, in. “Industry sources tell me that a popular journey for cruise couples is to go out and look at potential retirement or second homes,” he added.

In , the board approved $, in the first. Husband of Caribbean cruise victim has returned to the US after assisting investigators Air industry exec Leo Tenorio returned to the US following an investigation of the death of his wife Almarosa, 52, who died after falling from the 16th deck of.

Transport plays a major part in the tourism industry, if there was no transport available nobody would be able to go on holidays or trips and the tourism industry . Unit 11 Assign.

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