How to plan a romantic evening

Plot[ edit ] After being unsuccessful in finding her true love in her own country, India, the rich Deepa Sharmila Tagore goes to Paris, France in search of it.

How to plan a romantic evening

Plot[ edit ] After being unsuccessful in finding her true love in her own country, India, the rich Deepa Sharmila Tagore goes to Paris, France in search of it. After some initial resistance, Deepa eventually gives in to his charms.

How to plan a romantic evening

Knowing that Deepa is rich, he plans to marry her. Jack, a gangster to whom he owes the money, threatens him that he should repay the debts at the earliest. Shekhar tells him that he will do so soon by marrying a rich girl, Deepa.

However, since Deepa does not love him, she refuses, telling him that she only loves Sam. When Jack sees Deepa, he is taken aback and mistakes her to be someone he knows. But Deepa remains clueless. Her name is Suzy Sharmila Tagorea club dancer in the same casino.

Shekhar, angry at Deepa, hatches a plan. He approaches Suzy and convinces her to be a part of his plan by offering her a huge amount of money. He takes Suzy with him and shows her Deepa with Sam, so that she can learn her mannerisms. When Jack kidnaps the real Deepa, Shekhar puts Suzy in her place at her home.

Suzy pretends to be Deepa and goes out with Sam. Eventually, Sam starts to notice the difference. He get suspicious when he notices Suzy pretending to be Deepa smoking and drinking. Sam follows Suzy to find the whereabouts of Deepa. Suzy puts a condition that Sam has to marry her before she will tell him about Deepa.

She has fallen in love with him while pretending to be Deepa. Sam refuses, saying that he only loves Deepa.

This angers Suzy at first, but later she realises that she should not come between her sister and her love. Shekhar overhears this conversation.

As the story climaxes, Suzy arrives with Jack at his hideout where he has kept Deepa to show her the resemblance and leaves them alone for a while to take care of some chores. Suzy then reveals to Deepa that she is her lost twin sister.

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Despite her refusal, she convinces Deepa to switch places and escape. Sam and Shekhar go separately to Niagara Falls to ransom Deepa. Shekhar arrives at the secret hideout first. When Jack confronts him, Shekhar kills him and the real Deepa pretending to be Suzy escapes just before that.

Shekhar then collects Suzy thinking she is Deepa. Angered, Shekhar shoots Suzy and tries to shoot Sam. Sam escapes, and just before following Shekhar, he tells Makan Singh to go and help the injured Suzy. Shekhar reaches the boat where Deepa is waiting for Sam and drives off with her.

Sam also reaches just after Shekhar drives off.

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He jumps in the boat from a helicopter and beats Shekhar up. Sam throws him overboard, where he floats over the waterfall. Deepa and Sam escape to a small rock in the middle of waterfall from where they are rescued by the helicopter. The movie closes with Sam and Deepa hanging to the ladder of the helicopter with a song Aasmaan Se Aya Farista playing in the background.Romantic Getaways Acklins & Crooked Island.

Indulge your romantic side on a getaway to celebrate wedding anniversaries and other special occasions with your significant other. An Evening In Paris is a Indian romantic drama film produced and directed by Shakti Samanta, with story by Sachin revolves in the French capital city of movie stars Shammi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore in a double role, Pran as the villain, and Rajindernath in the comic subplot.

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How to plan a romantic evening

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