Feudalism in todays society essay

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Feudalism in todays society essay

A decentralized form of governing, it began in France approximately AD and eventually reached England, Spain and the rest of Western Europe.

The Rules, in Brief

In the mids, England and France began to develop strong centralized governments, stripping the landed nobility of some of its power; a strong monarchy in France and a more representative form of government in England.

As these centralized governments grew, feudalism declined. How Feudalism Worked Under feudalism, the lord would grant his subjects, or vassals, land in return for various services. Paramount among these services was the military protection provided by the vassals to the lord.

The importance of this protection stemmed from the way in which feudalism had developed. Feudalism had grown out of the chaos that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire. Lands once controlled by the Romans were taken over by warring Germanic tribes.

There was little organization until the s AD when Kings, and their lords and nobles established some order in the land through the system of feudalism. Feudalism comes from the Latin word for estate or land, fief, and is sometimes called a system of fiefdoms. Both lords and vassals were considered aristocrats and the system of feudalism did not include peasants directly.

However, peasants came with the land. Under this arrangement, the nobles took on authority that had previously belonged to governments. The system of feudalism consisted of a king at the top who had lords and nobles serving him.

A vassal was a noble in service to a lord who ranked higher than him. Vassals took an oath of loyalty to their lord in a ceremony known as homage. They would pass their fiefs down to their sons.

A lord could be a vassal and vice-versa creating conflicting loyalties and frequent violence. Castles were built by all nobles for protection and are probably the most recognizable effects of feudalism.

Feudalism in todays society essay

Another familiar result of feudalism is the knight. The sons of nobles would begin training at age seven to become a knight. Nobles would supply knights to their king as warriors during the Middle Ages.

Many of these kingdoms would become nations we know today that grew out of a government of feudalism. In an effort to preserve their feudal rights, an assembly of nobles met at Runnymede in AD. They developed the Great Charter, or Magna Carta, which ensured freeman the right to trial by jury and limited royal power.

The King could no longer collect taxes without the consent of the Great Council. The middle class did not exactly blend into feudalism as its income came from business, not land. Henry III recognized the power of both the towns and middle class and added knight and burgesses prominent townspeople to the Great Council; by this time, it was called Parliament.

This body would be split into two houses by AD: Many of the principles of the Magna Carta can be found in our own Constitution, such as trial by jury, no taxation without representation, and the protection or property. In fact, it might be fair to say we would not have the American Constitution and Bill of Rights the way we do today without feudalism and the resulting Magna Carta.Feudalism in Today's Society Essay 3 Dr.

Hardy Section 1 A Feudal Society without the Feud The Middle Ages were characterized by a chronic absence of effective central government and the constant threat of famine, disease, and foreign invasion.

In this state of affairs, the weaker sought the protection of the stronger; and the true lords. Feudalism was a political and military arrangement between a lord of the Middle Ages and his vassals. A decentralized form of governing, it began in France approximately AD and eventually reached England, Spain and the rest of Western Europe.

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