Determination of khp

Example of a titration curve:

Determination of khp

This flaw was due to allowing excess sodium hydroxide to flow, causing the KHP solution to become pinker than it should have. This might have caused some deviations because the volume of sodium hydroxide added was excess.

The theoretical value of NaOH to be poured was 9. However, the amount I added on an average was The theoretical value of the Sodium Hydroxide that was expected to be used was 9.

However, there has been a deviation of 0. The resulting percentage error out of this deviation is: Taking the value of 9. The percent error that has resulted is: Another error was caused by the deviation in the mass of KHP. However, this, being only 0.

Determination of khp

This means that due to systematic error, my accuracy has fallen by 9. The deviation in the volume, however, is not the only indicator of noticeable systematic errors. The volumes of NaOH used up shows significant fluctuations.

Determination of khp

For example, in trial 1, I used The difference between these sets of data indicates that the systematic error of allowing the KHP solution to become too pale resulted in strange fluctuations.

These fluctuations caused the 0. The percentage uncertainty calculated of the concentration of NaOH was 2. Therefore, due to flaws in raw data values taken from systematic errors, there has been a deviation in uncertainty too, indicating the impact of methodical flaws. The uncertainty of 2.

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Overall, the data obtained, although not completely inaccurate, have not been as accurate as it could have been. These errors were avoidable.In this laboratory, KHP (Potassium hydrogen phthalate) is the primary standard used to produce hydronium ions when dissolved in water.

These ions are later neutralized with a sodium hydroxide solution. The use of KHP is a common method for standardizing an aqueous NaOH solution. VOLUMETRIC ANALYSIS DETERMINATION OF A WEAK ACID Revised 1/4/ Documents Similar To Lab 2 - KHP - Volumetric Analysis.

PART II: Sensor Calibration and Equipment Setup

Volumetric Analysis Precautions. Uploaded by. Sajag Ved. thermochemistry. Uploaded by.

Determine the Concentration of HCl using a Standardized NaOH Solution

shirakuro. Quantitative Determination of Potassium Acid Phthalate KHP. Page 2 of 8 determination of the fw and ka of an organic 1. Weigh enough solid KHP into a mL Erlenmeyer flask to require ~35 mL of NaOH for.

PART III: Data Recording

This experiment is only limited to the determination of acetic acid content in vinegar; and to using KHP as the primary standard. Only three replicates will be done. This will be conducted at the Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of the Philippines Visayas, Miag-ao .

KHP standard KHP benjaminpohle.commental Sample Preparation Procedure A class A Buret was filled with the titrant 50 % w/v NaOH solution and used to titrate both the standard and unknown samples until a clear to pink color change was observed that persisted for more than 15 seconds.

Moles (n vf) of KHP in volumetric flask = m KHP /M KHP where M KHP is the Molar Mass of KHP ( g) [c] KHP in cm 3 volumetric flask = n/V Moles of KHP in 10 cm 3 of solution in where V is a given volume of water.

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