Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

Selling premiums to stay afloat? Might do the mission anyways, I enjoyed my t If you look up the T on Tanks. The new t has better stats than the tech tree t with the LB1.

Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

Because they have bc 25t crew to train while making credits. When you compare this tank to tier 8 mediums its certainly better than T44, probably better than and compares favorably to STA.

Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

Slayer Jesse on February 10, at Even if it does have bad camo rating, im not so sure about taking repairs. Getting your tracks up in 5 seconds probably wont change that.

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CyberMaroon on February 10, at It will help you GTFO, instead of sitting there taking hit after hit. Getting your tracks back up faster means escaping faster.

February 10, at I hot key small repair kit to 5 so I hit 55 and I am back on the way for only Even without repairs, if you get tracked by arty behind the lines ur tracks normally come up faster than arty reload. A full camo crew on a medium tank can really help you stay hidden especially at the end of matches and with coated optics gives you a reall good vision advantage.

I need to start running prem consumables and then I can see where the repair skill will come in more handy but I will probably just drop the fire EXT and go naked.Jan 15,  · FCM50T Vs AMX CDC Which do your prefer?

- posted in Gameplay: The new tier 8 French Premium Tank is now out on the test server. I have completed a review so you guys can check that out, Let us know what you think about it?? Will you buy it??

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How do you think it compares to the FCM50T? I put in a review of both tanks, The AMX CDC reviews has a comparison of starts and in . Is this shit supposed to be the "AMX 13/"?

Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

I grinded the Lorraine when it was a tier 8 and I don't miss it one bit. CDC though I don't remeber wether it was cheap or not because it's basically a medium with a good gun, preferential MM, and just enough armor that HE doesn't do much (unlike CDCs which get fucking rekt by HE/HEP/HESH.

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Aug 13,  · FCM or CDC or other? - posted in On Topic Archive: Which tank is better to buy? FCM has premium matchmaking while CDC doesnt, but CDC is nearly 40% cheaper and something i can afford to buy in 1 go. If neither of these tanks suit my stats and gameplay (agressive, cresting hills with good gun DP or flanking, noob gameplay stuff.) can you recommend another tier 8 MEDIUM tank?

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Rich man looking for older man & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. >> it is a very strong scout killer,combing its derp for detracking and damage with its heavy weight you can generally just derp and ram most scouts to instantly kill them,without taking much in return I even rammed a S perishing for damage to kill it .

I'll be comparing the tank mainly to the FCM 50t, the French T8 heavy tank is very similar to the CDC (same gun, same playstyle) but has preferential matchmaking and is more expensive.

Gun The gun is a standard French 90mm, the same as found on the FCM, ARL 44, AMX M4 and some TDs.

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