A short report of turkey

Mevlana Museum in Konya was built by the Seljuk Turks in

A short report of turkey

Although there has been some migration for economic reasons from the region, most of the depopulation has been the result of a government counterinsurgency campaign intended to deprive the PKK of logistical support.

The PKK has also targeted state-sponsored village civil militia settlements, forcing some inhabitants to flee. Many of the houses in depopulated villages are destroyed, and at times the belongings of the displaced - including farm animals and implements - are wrecked along with their homes.

Most of this forced migration has occurred sinceand estimates of the number of individuals displaced range fromto two million. According to the census, roughly four million individuals lived in the ten provinces presently under emergency rule in southeastern Turkey.

A short report of turkey

The majority of the population in this area consists of ethnic Kurds. Turkey has violated both international and domestic law in its counterinsurgency campaign in southeastern Turkey that led to the displacement of these individuals. Violations here include not only the act of forcible displacement in violation of international humanitarian law, but also the absence of measures to provide food, temporary housing and medical care.

There was also a failure to provide adequate compensation for destroyed homes and property. Having largely created this plight, Turkish government responses to the humanitarian needs of the forcibly displaced have been late in coming and largely inadequate. Plans intended to deal with these migrants such as the "Central Villages Project" or the "Return to the Villages" scheme of the "Southeast Restoration Project" were announced in November and mid, well after the forced-displacement situation had reached a crisis A short report of turkey.

The projects were either inadequate or poorly-executed, however, and as a result little became of them. Attempts by displaced persons to get state compensation for crops, homes, or belongings destroyed have usually been unsuccessful, a violation of Turkey's obligations under Article 13 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which states, "Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this convention are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national authority On the contrary, the forced migration connected with the conflict in southeastern Turkey has been chaotic and unorganized.


Only the extended kinship relations of Kurds in southeastern Turkey have prevented a larger crisis, allowing the displaced to find shelter with extended family members. Individuals who flee or are forced out of their villages in southeastern Turkey haphazardly sought refuge in already overburdened provincial towns and cities within the region or in Turkey's teeming western urban centers.

This involves limiting decisions to forcibly evacuate civilians to expressly stated reasons of military necessity and ceasing such evacuations as soon as the military necessity is over. During times of such military necessity, the relevant authorities must give notice to those who will be evacuated and receive them in good health and care.

The government must, in addition, provide an adequate compensation scheme in kind or money to restore the civilian population to the status quo ante if upon return displaced persons find their property has been lost or destroyed.

If claims arise, the government must provide an independent tribunal oradministrative body to adjudicate such claims. The conflict has been characterized by severe human rights abuses by both security forces and the PKK.

In ten provinces in the region were placed under emergency rule because fighting had intensified.

A short report of turkey

Inthe Anti-Terror Law was instituted to punish so-called "separatist propaganda," resulting in the repression of peaceful free expression - especially concerning debate on the Kurdish issue - and the imprisonment of writers and intellectuals.

Bythe conflict in the southeast hadentered a new spiral. Torture and deaths in detention increased, as did "disappearances" under mysterious circumstances.

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A wave of so called "actor unknown murders" targeted Kurdish nationalist intellectuals, journalists, and also suspected PKK members, numbering some 1, deaths between and Ingovernment security forces intensified a counterinsurgency campaign against the PKK, forcibly evacuating and burning rural villages.

Another effort was made to recruit villagers into the state-sponsored paramilitary "village guard program. Sincecivilian displacement from southeastern Turkey has become a widespread phenomenon because of increased fighting by both the PKK and government security forces Both Turkish security forces and PKK fighters are guilty of human rights abuses.

Security forces operating in the southeast often make little distinction between civilians and the PKK members, and the PKK has continued its practice of brutality punishing any cooperation with state authorities In an effort to deprive the PKK of its logistic base of support, security forces forcibly evict villagers from their villages and sometimes destroy their homes.

Torture and arbitrary detention often accompany such evictions. Security forces especially target those villagers who refuse to enter the village guard system or those that give food and shelter to the PKK fighters or are suspected of doing so The PKK, on the other hand, attacks those villages that join the village guard system, often killing whole families along with village guards, as well as punishing anyone who cooperates with the state.

State Department's annual Country Report on Human Rights Practices for stated, "The human rights situation improved in a number of areas, but very serious problems still remain. The situation in the southeast was of particular concern.

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Furthermore, 1, hamlets mezra had been fully depopulated, with another partially depopulated. He cited various reasons for the complete or partial depopulation of some 2, villages and hamlets.

A year before, the emergency rule governor's office issued similar figures: Therefore, all figures for the number of displaced should be taken as estimates. He stated that they had left their villages for "various reasons. But in the Southeast there are two million without a house or a place to call home who live in the open and on the street.Nov 26,  · Mt.

Carmel city police report for Turkey Day week is a short one Posted by Jack Howser on Monday, November 26th, @ am. MT. CARMEL, Ill. - It was a relatively quiet Turkey Day week last week for Mt. Carmel city police, with only three incidents to report.

Turkey is a typical case of a large emerging market with good long-run potential but plenty of short-run political and economic problems. This statistic presents the development of the annual short-term interest rate for Turkey between and , with further projections for and Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye According to Twitter's transparency report, Turkey is the global leader in social media censorship.

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Reports out of Turkey, however, point to an organized Saudi assassination team that traveled to Istanbul that morning to conduct the gruesome killing that reportedly involved torture and dismemberment. It is unclear how the Turks obtained the alleged audio recording.

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